Security Deposit Fund

As a measure to combat homelessness, the city helps citizens move into their own apartments.

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What is the security deposit?

Often a move fails because high rent deposits represent an almost insurmountable financial burden when moving into an apartment. The deposit contribution facilitates and supports citizens in moving into their own apartment.

Basic information:

  • The deposit contribution applies to the renting of apartments in the city of Innsbruck to cover one's own housing needs.
  • For the apartment in question, for which a deposit contribution is granted, the main residence must be established by all main tenants.
  • The granting of a deposit contribution is a voluntary benefit of the city of Innsbruck. There is no legal claim.
  • The deposit contribution is to be considered as an interest-free loan for a maximum term of 36 months. It is to be repaid in 33 equal monthly installments within three years from the date of granting, the first installment being due three months after the payment of the deposit contribution.
  • The deposit contribution is only granted if no sovereign funds can be used to cover the deposit.
  • The deposit contribution is generally granted only once per person. A further application is only possible after a previously granted loan has been repaid in full.
  • The granting of financial means is expressly subject to the availability of budgetary funds of the City of Innsbruck.

Under what conditions do I receive a deposit contribution?

  • You are at least 18. years old.
  • You have Austrian citizenship or are equivalent to Austrian citizens within the meaning of § 17a TWFG 1991 as amended.
  • Your main residence has been in Innsbruck for at least three years continuously or for a total of 10 years prior to submitting your application.
  • Your chargeable monthly household income does not exceed the income limits of the Tyrolean housing subsidy according to § 2 para. 9 TWFG.
  • You do not receive any sovereign support, e.g. from the minimum income to cover the deposit (no double support of deposit payments).
  • Your apartment is intended and dedicated for year-round use (as your main residence), structurally self-contained and normally equipped.
  • Your apartment is located in the city of Innsbruck.

Not eligible are persons who

  • are themselves (co-)owners of the property or other real property.
  • Relatives according to § 36a General Administrative Procedure Act 1991 of the landlord/landlady are.
  • Are users of service apartments, apartments in kind or company apartments without a rental contract.

How much is the deposit contribution?

The deposit contribution is set at half of the gross deposit agreed according to the rental contract, but at a maximum of 1,500.00 euros.

What documents do I need?

  • Rental contract, signed by both parties, or a binding rental offer (amount of deposit evident)
  • Registration slips of all main tenants
  • Proof of income of all persons who will live in the common household:
    • Annual pay slips for the previous calendar year (Jan. 1 - Dec. 31)
    • The last three monthly payslips
    • Apprenticeship compensation certificate - apprenticeship contract
    • Pension statement
    • Last income tax statement for self-employed persons
    • For children over the age of 15 - school attendance certificate

if applicable:

  • Notification of social allowance, weekly allowance/childcare allowance, unemployment benefit, sickness benefit, rehabilitation allowance, notification of family allowance (from the age of 18), notification/account statement of foreign pension payment
  • Maintenance or current alimony for children (account statement or decision)
  • Copy of the disabled person's identity card
  • Confirmation of pregnancy (mother-child passport)
  • Divorce decree or settlement agreement

For Austrians, EU citizens, EEA citizens, Swiss citizens:

  • Passport or proof of citizenship

For EU long-term residents third-country nationals:

  • Passport
  • Permanent residence card of all persons who will live in the common household
  • Declaration of integration of the applicant

For permanent residents entitled to asylum:

  • Convention passport
  • Asylum decision of all persons who will live in the common household
  • Declaration of integration of the applicant(s)

Can the security deposit be reclaimed early?

Yes, if the requirements cease to apply:

  • in the event of the death of the deposit beneficiary (provided there is no housing need of minor cohabitants).
  • if the tenancy of the apartment in question is terminated and the required evidence is not provided, the deposit contribution that has not yet been reimbursed must be repaid within four weeks.
  • if the criteria are not met, the loan may be called in by the City of Innsbruck.
  • in case of incorrect information, the loan will be called due immediately.

Who is liable for the deposit?

The signatories of the contract are jointly and severally liable.

How does the application take place?

  • The application is to be submitted to Service Unit Rent subsidy. in rooms 2148 - 2154 together with the relevant documents.
  • The payment of the deposit will be made after the submission of a signed rental agreement by both parties.
  • After granting the deposit contribution, proof of the main residence registration must be submitted without delay.
  • The deposit contribution will be paid to the main tenant directly to an account named by them.
  • The applicants give the City of Innsbruck the direct debit authorization by means of SEPA direct debit from their account for the processing of the installment payments.

The application is possible until one month after the beginning of the tenancy at the latest!

Who do I contact if I have further questions?

For further questions please contact the Service Unit Rent subsidy