Innsbruck district promotion

The City of Innsbruck promotes district-related projects to strengthen the local community.

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30,000 euros are made available annually to strengthen the community in Innsbruck's districts. A maximum of 7,000 euros is awarded per application per year. Smaller projects are also specifically funded.

What content criteria count?

Neighborhood impact and holistic concept: Your offer or project not only benefits your own association or its members/users, but is also aimed at the wider neighborhood (residents, entrepreneurs, associations). A wide range of local stakeholders are considered, included and ideally involved.

Topicality, relevance and continuity of socio-spatial work: Your offer or project addresses current issues and resources in the district, appeals to different target groups in terms of age, gender, origin, education, etc. or specifically involves certain target groups more closely in the community.


  • Activities in public spaces (district festivals, swap offers, markets, interactive art and cultural projects with a thematic connection to the district)
  • (Temporary) provision of spaces for non-commercial, neighborhood initiatives and associations
  • Offers for networking and activating committed people in the district

Applications for funding can be submitted as a subsidy application for the "Social and health" area with the reference "Innsbruck district funding".