Sports Development Plan Innsbruck (SEP)

Innsbruck is a sports city. In order to remain so, the city of Innsbruck is working on a sports development plan.

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As a multiple host of the Winter Olympics and international sporting events, the city of Innsbruck would like to continue to live up to this claim.

Sports Development Plan Innsbruck (SEP)

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What is the Sports Development Plan (SEP)?

In June 2020, the City Council decided to create the Sports Development Plan (SEP) and a cooperation agreement was signed between the City of Innsbruck and the University of Innsbruck for the implementation of the process. The project is scheduled for three years (June 2020 to June 2023), is divided into three project phases and is continuously coordinated between sports science, the city and other sports partners within the framework of project management. Based on the findings of phases 1 and 2, 14 fields of action were derived and prioritized by 67 experts (stakeholders). The ranking of the fields of action was approved and adopted by the members of the City Senate and City Council on Nov. 23 and 24, 2022. Furthermore, the Sports Office was commissioned to start working on the first 5 fields of action in December 2022, with the intended completion of the concept of measures and the budget requirements by June 2023. The other fields of action will then be activated step by step.

What is the goal of the Sports Development Plan (SEP)?

The Sports Development Plan Innsbruck aims to make the sports city of Innsbruck fit for the future with the involvement of the population of Innsbruck and the central actors in sports and to develop a basis for decision-making for necessary investments or adaptations in the field of sports for the politicians.

Why a sports development plan (SEP)?

The Sport Development Plan Innsbruck is intended to develop a long-term strategy for the sustainable further development of the sports and exercise offer in Innsbruck. The results of the sports development plan are to provide an essential basis for a targeted and methodical approach to the sustainable design of sports and exercise opportunities in Innsbruck.

Results of the sports development plan