Forest trails & trail closures

Responsibilities for forest trails & signage, current trail closures and winter maintenance on forest trails.

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Who is responsible for forest roads?

A large part of the forest roads is managed by the Service Unit Forest and alpine pastures - Forest trails and public drinking fountains.. managed.

In principle, forest roads are truck-accessible roads that primarily serve the management of the forest.

Who is allowed to drive on forest roads?

There is a general ban on driving on all forest roads. Driving on forest roads is only allowed in exceptional cases as part of a forestry activity or with a special permit.

Where are trail closures currently?


Due to clean-up work after windfalls, the forest trail "Bederlungersteig" (Pradl/Amras, course between Tummelplatzweg and municipal area Aldrans) is closed until further notice.


Due to the renovation of the avalanche dam Allerheiligen, the forest road "Aspachweg" is not passable for all road users. Heavy traffic by construction site vehicles is to be expected. Entering the construction site is prohibited.

Local bypasses have been set up, we ask for your attention. The completion of the construction work is planned until summer 2024.

Sill Gorge:

In the area of the northern access to the Sill Gorge (from Innsbruck/Wilten) there are ongoing large-scale closures due to construction work on the Brenner Base Tunnel. In this regard, please note the information on site.

The following routes are closed:

  • From Bierstindl along the existing railroad line
  • From Bretterkeller via the road to the Sill Gorge
  • From the lower Sill bridge downstream in the direction of Innsbruck

Mountain bike trails:

Due to the new construction of the Mühlau Springs by IKB-AG, increased construction traffic/heavy traffic is to be expected on the MTB route "5017 Arzler Alm" from the Arzler shooting range to the Arzler Alm.

On the MTB routes "506 Seegrube", "505 Höttinger Alm" and "5018 Bodensteiner Alm" - starting from Hungerburg - the section between Rosnerweg and Arzler Alm is also affected by construction traffic.

Due to the construction work on the spring tunnels, the MTB route "5016 Rundtour Rumer Alm" and the connection via the Herzwiesenweg to the Rumer Alm are closed and not passable.

The construction work and the associated impairments or closures will continue until the end of 2024. Please also note the attached signage of the IKB.

Which forest roads are cleared in winter?

Only limited winter road maintenance is carried out on the forest roads listed here. Therefore, these roads are not cleared regularly and there is no regular gritting.

  • Erbmesweg
  • Maria-im-Walde-Weg
  • Pfaffensteig
  • Rosnerweg
  • Schillerweg
  • Seeweg
  • Quarry path
  • Tummelplatzweg
  • Shore path
  • Umbrüggler Alm path

Please pay attention to the trail and avalanche closures.


Opening hours

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Last updated 03.10.2023