Early musical education

The Music School offers "Early Musical Education" for children from the age of four in kindergartens and elementary schools.

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In "Early Musical Education", children from the age of four learn about the world of music and movement in groups through play. This makes early music education the ideal foundation for learning an instrument later on or for attending the music workshop.

What do children learn in early music education?

Early Musical Education" involves all the senses of the body, emotions and intellect. The following areas are promoted:

  • Music:
    • Singing and speaking
    • Elementary instrumental play on small percussion instruments
    • Listening to music
    • Instrument information
    • Grasping rhythm, rhythmic and melodic building blocks
    • musical and emotional experiences
  • Movement:
    • Experiencing the sense of movement, sense of touch and sense of balance
    • Children's dances, round dances, traditional dances
    • Movement improvisation
    • Movement accompaniment
    • Basic skills in relation to partner, space and time

Where & when is early music education offered?

Kindergartens/Elementary schoolsTeaching dayTime
KG All SaintsTuesdayMorning
VS AmrasTuesdayAfternoon
KG ArzlWednesdayAfternoon
KG DreiheiligenTuesdayMorning
KG Erzh-Eugen-Str. (in the KG Reichenau-South)ThursdayMorning
KG HöttingThursdayMorning
KG Hötting WestTuesdayMorning
KG HungerburgWednesdayAfternoon
KG IglsThursdayAfternoon
KG In the meadowThursdayMorning
KG InnerkoflerstraßeThursdayMorning
Integrative KGTuesdayMorning
Children at TivoliThursdayMorning
KG KranebittenWednesdayMorning
KG LönsstraßeWednesdayMorning
KG MariahilfMondayMorning
KG MitterwegThursdayMorning and afternoon
KG MühlauMondayAfternoon
KG Olympic villageThursdayMorning
KG PechegartenWednesdayMorning
KG PeergründeTuesdayMorning
KG PradlFridayMorning
KG ReichenauTuesdayAfternoon
KG Reichenau EastFridayMorning
KG Reichenau SouthMondayMorning
KG SchützenstraßeThursdayMorning
KG SieglangerTuesdayMorning
KG SiegmairTuesdayMorning
VS St. NicholasMondayAfternoon
KG WalderkammwegFridayMorning
KG Wilten West (Müllerstraße 38)MondayMorning

How much does Early Music Education cost?

The semester fee Early Music Education is 82 euros, with discounts available for families.

Where and how can I register my child?

Please fill out the registration form and hand it in at the kindergarten, elementary school or music school.


Opening hours

Monday to Thursday:
8.00-12.00 and 13.30-17.00

8.00-12.00 and 13.00-14.00