Prize for scientific research

The City of Innsbruck supports young researchers at the University of Innsbruck and the Medical University of Innsbruck.

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Endowment: 20,000 euros

What is supported?

The City of Innsbruck awards the prize to young researchers. The amount provided can be awarded for one research project, but can also be divided among several prize winners.

Who awards the prize?

The City of Innsbruck awards the prize in one year to the Medical University of Innsbruck and in the following two years to the Leopold Franzens University in the fields of humanities and natural sciences.

How do I apply?

The call for applications is issued by the respective university. If you have any questions about the submission criteria, please contact the rectorate of the university in question directly.

Who decides on the award?

The City Senate decides on the awarding of the prize or prizes to the person or persons who are announced to the Municipality of Innsbruck by the Leopold Franzens University of Innsbruck or the Medical University of Innsbruck on an annual rotation basis. It is up to the respective university to decide how to determine the persons worthy of the award.

Previous award winners

YearUniversity & award winners

Leopold-Franzens-University - Natural Sciences:

Anusha Telagathoti, MSc, PhD
Georg Niedrist, Bakk. MSc PhD Uta Schirpke Monica Lisa Ines Fernandez Quintero, BSc MSc Bianka Siewert


Medical University:

Dr.theresa Dolejsi, PhD; Department of Internal Medicine III med.univ. Maria Effenberger; Department of Internal Medicine I
Simon Hoser, BSc MSc; Institute of Genomics and RNomics med.univ. Andreas Zollner; Department of Medicine I


Leopold-Franzens-University - Humanities:

  • assoc. Prof. MMag. Stefan Häussler, PhD ; Faculty of Business Administration
  • assoc. Prof. MMag. a Andrea Brait; Faculty of Philosophy and History
  • ass. MMag. a Clara Rauchegger, LLM; Faculty of Law and Digital Science Center
  • ass. MMag. a Christine Lehne-Gstreinthaler; Faculty of Law
  • Mag. Dr. Matthias Haller; Faculty of Law

Leopold-Franzens-University - Natural Sciences:

  • Mag. Dr. Alexander Weiss
  • Ivana Stiperski
  • Engineer Milan Oncak, PhD
  • Farokh Mivehvar, PhD
  • PD DI Barbara Schneider-Muntau

Leopold-Franzens-University - Humanities:

  • assoc. Prof. Mag. a Sandra Heinsch-Kuntner
  • assoc. Prof. Mag. Dr. Florian Martin Müller, Bakk.

Medical University:

  • assoc. Prof. Priv.-Doz. Peter Willeit, MPhil, PhD
  • Victoria Klepsch, MSc, PhD

Medical University:

  • Mag.a rer.nat. Mariana Eça Guimarães de Araújo, PhD; Section for Cell Biology
  • Mag.biol. Andreas Naschberger, PhD; Section for Genetic Epidemiology

Leopold-Franzens-University - Humanities:

  • Silke Meyer; Department of History and European Ethnology
  • assoc. Prof. Mag. Elena Taddei; Department of History and European Ethnology
  • assoc. Prof. Marie-Luisa Frick; Department of Philosophy
  • Mag. a Suzanne Kapelari; Department of Didactics
  • assoc. Prof. Mag. Dr. Simon Laimer, LL.M.; Institute for Civil Law

Leopold-Franzens-University - Natural Sciences:

  • Violeta Fuentes Landete, MSc; Institute of Physical Chemistry
  • Gina Elaine Moseley, PhD; Institute of Geology
  • Lic. Esteban A. MARTINEZ and Christine A. Muschik; Institute of Experimental Physics
  • Dipl.-Ing. Lukas EINKEMMER, PhD; Institute of Mathematics
  • assoc. Prof. Dipl-Ing. Dr. Robert Sitzenfrei; Institute of Infrastructure

Medical University:

  • Dr. Manfred NAIRZ; Department of Internal Medicine VI
  • med. univ. Renate Pichler, Febu; Department of Urology
  • Priv.-Doz. Dr. Ivan Tancevski; Department of Internal Medicine VI
  • Mag.a rer. nat. Katrin Watschinger, PhD; Section for Biological Chemistry

Leopold-Franzens-University - Humanities:

  • Maria Kreuzer and Sylvia von Wallpach; Institute for Strategic Management, Marketing and Tourism
  • MMag. a Sibylle Puntscher; Institute for Economic Theory, Policy and History
  • Mag. Philipp Strobl, MA PhD; Institute for Economic Theory, Policy and History
  • Dr.anne Sophie Spann; Institute for Christian Philosophy
  • Dr. Gerhard Siegl; Department of History and European Ethnology