Arthur Haidl Prize

The Arthur Haidl Award honors projects in the fields of culture, youth, preservation of tradition, education and the humanities.

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Endowment: 10,000 euros

The prize has been awarded every 2 years since 2015.

What is supported?

The Arthur Haidl Award promotes projects and initiatives in the fields of culture, youth, preservation of tradition, education and humanities. The contribution made to the welfare and reputation of the city of Innsbruck is the main focus of the Arthur Haidl Award.

Who awards the prize?

Reg.-Rat Arthur Haidl (✝ 1979) was Innsbruck's vice mayor and state youthdreferent. In memory of him, his daughter Dr. Roswitha Stiegner has donated this prize since 2004.

How do I apply?

You can submit your documents via the platform

The current submission deadline is from May 8, 2023 starting at 8:00 am until July 10, 2023 at 5:00 pm.

Who can apply?

Individuals but also so-called "legal entities" (e.g. associations, initiatives with a far-reaching sphere of influence, etc.) can apply for the "Arthur Haidl Award of the City of Innsbruck".

The following requirements apply to the submitters:


  • 33. Not yet reached the age of 18 at the time of the closing date for submissions
  • EU citizen
  • Residence
    • for at least 5 years without interruption in the municipal area of the city of Innsbruck or
    • for at least 10 years in the territory of Tyrol (North, South and East Tyrol)

Legal entities:

  • Submission from the 3rd year of existence (proof by extract from the register of associations)
  • Submission by Dritte is possible.

Submissions are made exclusively digitally via the "Portal for Art and Culture Competitions

Which documents are required?

The following documents are required in PDF format for submission on

  • Proof of citizenship of an EU member state (e.g. passport copy, proof of citizenship)
  • Current proof of main residence (confirmation of registration) in Innsbruck or in Tyrol (North, South and East Tyrol)
  • for associations: Proof of the duration of existence by means of an extract from the register of associations
  • Documentation of projects and work carried out so far (e.g. in the form of publications, exhibits, works, press articles, etc.)
  • Letter of motivation as to why the applicant is applying for the award
  • Half a page project description

Who decides on the award?

The awarding of the prize is pre-considered by a jury consisting of Magistratsdirektorin, head of the cultural office and rector of the Leopold-Franzens-University. The final award is decided by the City Councilor for Culture of the City of Innsbruck. She also has the right to suspend the awarding of the prize for one year, if necessary, without giving reasons. The Arthur Haidl Prize is presented at a ceremony.

Previous award winners

Der Arthur-Haidl-Preis 2023 geht an das Team der Tiroler Straßenzeitung 20er

City Councillor for Culture Uschi Schwarzl (2nd from right) and City Councillor Elisabeth Mayr (right) are delighted with (from left to right.) Magistratsdirektorin Gabriele Herlitschka, 20er employees Sophie Westreicher, Caspar Wolf, Theresa Girardi and Birgit Schmoltner, 20er editor-in-chief Rebecca Sandbichler, 20er co-founder Uwe Steger, LFU rector Veronika Sexl and Head of the Department of Culture Isabelle Brandauer on receiving the Arthur Haidl Prize for the Tyrolean street newspaper 20er. © F.Bär

YearAward winners
202320er - The Tyrolean street newspaper

UND Magazine Association

Girls on Ice Austria

2019Women from all countries

bilding - art and architecture school for children and young people

Association Z6 - center for young people

2015Association "kNH" / Research group "DyME"
2014Anniversary brochure: "10 years of the Arthur Haidl Prize of the City of Innsbruck"
2013Laila Alina Reischer / Academy St. Blasius
2012The bakery culture bakery / Free Beat Company
2011Association Sprachinsel
2010Tyrolean Chamber Orchestra "InnStrumenti"
2009"Young UNI Innsbruck"
2008Association Jugendland
2007Stefan Alois Schwarzenberger
2006Florian Hackspiel
2005Roland Maurmair
2004Thomas Schafferer