Cultural Strategy Innsbruck 2030

The basis for the urban art and culture work in Innsbruck of tomorrow - vision, fields of action, goals and measures.

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What is a cultural strategy?

In December 2019, the cultural administration was commissioned to develop an Innsbruck Cultural Strategy 2030 with broad public participation. The status quo in Innsbruck was examined and perspectives for future cultural urban development were identified. The goals, tasks and self-image of cultural policy, cultural administration and cultural scenes were also questioned. A cultural strategy is an important part of urban development, therefore relevant cross-sectional areas concerning art and culture are included.

What is the goal of the cultural strategy?

As a sustainable basis for cultural policy action in our city, the cultural strategy contains a vision, fields of action, goals and concrete measures for implementation. It is intended to serve as a framework of orientation for actors in politics, administration and the cultural scenes.

Why a cultural strategy?

Action needs strategy!

When the city and its citizens agree on the important goals and measures and act accordingly, they create more - this is especially true for the arts and culture agendas of a city, an area that is often affected by stagnating or declining public funding and in which there are many different interests and actors.

Guidelines provide important orientation:

  • For policymakers and administrators: guidelines provide clarity about the role of arts and culture in the context of other city responsibilities, and they help guide the use of public funds in a targeted and prioritized way that maximizes their impact.
  • For the arts and culture scenes: Cultural policy guidelines also provide orientation for their own work and political decisions made on the basis of these guidelines and criteria, making them comprehensible and transparent.

What is the result of the cultural strategy?

In December 2022, the City Council of the Provincial Capital of Innsbruck adopted the Cultural Strategy Innsbruck 2030. It is divided into a vision, fields of action, goals and measures.

Result of the participation process

The basic work as well as the result of the participation process served as a basis. The result of the participation process is an interim result, which summarizes the participation process and contains recommendations and proposals for the elaboration of the cultural strategy. It was published on March 31, 2022.

Basic work

The baseline work summarizes the cultural status quo in Innsbruck at the beginning of the project, i.e. the status in 2020, when the process to develop a cultural strategy was started. You can find it here for download.


Here you will find the schedule for working on the individual topics:


  • Transparent presentation of all cultural expenditures of the city according to the LIKUS system. The 2021 cultural expenditure report can be found here.
  • Development and launch of the first phase of the Fair Pay Strategy
  • Development of specific criteria for the allocation of cultural subsidies
  • Improving the visibility of arts and culture
  • Developing a checklist for inclusion and accessibility for cultural institutions and events and communicating the same
  • Redesign of the memorial to the camp complex in Roßau
  • Improvement of cultural participation opportunities for children and young people
  • Making visible and increasing support for cultural events certified as Green Events
  • Initial planning of interdepartmental project budgets


  • Development of additional rooms for cultural purposes
  • Revision of funding applications from the point of view of accessibility
  • Optimization of sustainable mobility concepts with regard to cultural events
  • Intensification of cooperation in the field of art and culture with the partner cities of the city of Innsbruck
  • Expansion of training and knowledge transfer measures for the Innsbruck art and culture sector

Where can I get information?

On the project website you can inform yourself about the participation process for the creation of the cultural strategy and the result.

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