gedenk_potenziale supports projects that commemorate the victims of National Socialism and point out the topicality of violence.

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What is gedenk_potenziale?

gedenk_potenziale is a funding pot of 20,000 euros initiated by the City of Innsbruck to commemorate the victims of National Socialism and the liberation of the Mauthausen concentration camp on May 5. This day of remembrance also points out the topicality of violence, racism, discrimination against minorities and anti-Semitism.

How often is gedenk_potenziale put out to tender?

The call for entries takes place every year on May 5 and always two years in advance (gedenk_potenziale 2025 will be announced in 2023, etc.). The jury meeting usually takes place in the fall.

How can projects be submitted?

Submissions can only be made in digital form as PDFs via the e-mail Adresse:

gedenk_potenziale 2025

The call for proposals for gedenk_potenziale 2025 was published on May 5, 2023. Projects could be submitted from May 5 to September 4, 2023 . The jury of experts will decide in November 2023 whether to award the gedenk_potenziale 2025 prize, which is endowed with 20,000 euros. The project selected by the jury of experts (or the two selected projects, if applicable) must be submitted by May 5 , 2023 2025be realized.

Please note the guidelines for submissions to gedenk_potenziale

For technical or content-related questions, please contact the Service Unit City Archive/City Museum

Which projects does gedenk_potenziale support?

gedenk_potenziale focuses on the development of contemporary forms of commemoration of the victims of National Socialism and victims of violence, racism and anti-Semitism. Special consideration is given to innovative projects that understand commemoration as intensive social research.

gedenk_potenziale would like to give impulses for anchoring May 5 as a day of remembrance against violence and racism in commemoration of the victims of National Socialism in the public consciousness of the city of Innsbruck and beyond. Accordingly, May 5 "in memory of the victims of National Socialism as a day of remembrance against violence and racism" must be the focus of the submitted projects.

gedenk_potenziale alsoaims at cooperation and networking. Funding is primarily available for projects that are interdisciplinary or cross-sectoral in nature. Individuals are also invited to submit projects.

What is not supported?

  • Conventional and/or commercial events (e.g. loose series of concerts or readings with no connection to content)
  • Annual programs of cultural institutions
  • Continuous structural measures (e.g. maintenance of event venues or technical equipment, etc.)
  • Publications that are not part of a project (e.g., pure CD or catalog productions, websites without content-related project connection, etc.)
  • Personalities and work shows without content-related reference to the call topic

Who iseligible to submit?

Natural persons and legal entities under private law may submit entries. Employees of the City of Innsbruck and the Province of Tyrol, public cultural institutions, commercial cultural organizers as well as party-political and religious organizations are excluded from participation.

Who decides on the award?

An independent and supra-regional jury of experts decides on the specific text of the call for proposals and the awarding of the funding. Regular exchanges between the members of the jury ensure that new perspectives can be incorporated into the selection process on an ongoing basis. Aware of the responsibility that goes hand in hand with the call for proposals, it was decided that the formal and content-related criteria and focal points can be reviewed by the jury every 3 years and adapted if necessary.

An independent and supra-regional jury of five experts decides on the awarding of funding, with regular exchanges between the jury members ensuring that new perspectives are continually incorporated into the selection process. Currently, the members of the gedenk_potenziale jury are

  • Gisela Hormayr
  • Dr.birgit Johler
  • Melanie Hollaus
  • Mag. Michael Haupt
  • Univ.-Doz. Dr. Horst Schreiber