Audio channel "City voices

Culture is audible! With the audio channel "Stadtstimmen" you can listen to the podcasts "Archivwürdig" and "S'Vorwort" on the go or at home.

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Worthy of Archive

In the podcast program of the Innsbruck City Archives, Tobias Rettenbacher, employee of the Innsbruck City Archives, talks with guests about various, city-historical topics. In the first season, for example, other archives in the city area, such as the Tyrolean Provincial Archive or the Subculture Archive, are discussed in addition to Innsbruck's own archive. The first season contains six episodes, which are published in a 14-day rhythm.


Stadtbibliothek meets Pop.Kultur.Literatur - in the podcast of the Stadtbibliothek, librarians Christina and Pia talk with each other and with guests about everything literature can be: from mainstream to niche, from books and films to comics and gaming. The first four episodes focus on crime fiction.

Last updated 30.05.2023