Electronic delivery

Receive notices and invoices from the city of Innsbruck in an environmentally friendly way and in real time.

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What does electronic delivery mean?

Since 01.01.2020, according to an amendment to the e-Government Act, "everyone has a right to electronic communication with the courts and administrative authorities in matters that are federal in legislation" (§1a).

This right to electronic communication is fulfilled by the City Magistrate of Innsbruck, but is subject to the following technical and organizational restrictions (in accordance with the e-Government Act):

  • In order to receive normal (non-verifiable) and verifiable (RSa or RSb) mail from the Innsbruck City Magistrate electronically, open an account with the Official Delivery Service.
  • Alternatively, you can also set up an e-letter mailbox with the Austrian postal service. Due to the lower security level, only normal (non-verifiable) items can be delivered to you here.
  • For the electronic submission of applications, you can use the corresponding online forms of the City Magistrate of Innsbruck.

Items where original documents (e.g. building plans) or special printed matter (e.g. resident parking card, election card) must be transmitted are excluded from the right to electronic delivery. (cf. e-Government Act §1a).

Types of electronic delivery

Numerous departments of the City of Innsbruckmagistrat Innsbruck already offer electronic delivery of notices and other documents. With e-delivery, your mail from the City of Innsbruck ends up in your electronic mailbox instead of your letterbox. There are several options for receiving letters from the City of Innsbruck electronically:

  • Official delivery service (BZD): open an electronic mailbox (MeinPostkorb) at oesterreich.gv.at. Companies can activate their electronic mailbox at usp.gv.at.dreIn addition to a registered address in Austria and an e-mail addressdresse, you also need an ID Austria. Thanks to the special security of ID Austria, the City of Innsbruck can also send you official correspondence (RSa/RSb) in addition to regular correspondence. For you, this means no more "yellow slips" in your mailbox and no more trips to the post office to pick up letters from the authorities.

Please note at MeinPostkorb that electronic inboxes are not permanently stored here, but are automatically deleted after 10 weeks.

  • E-letter: register for e-letter delivery at e-brief.post.at. All you need is an address in Austria and an e-mail address. All regular (non-delivery) letters from the city of Innsbruck will then be delivered to you electronically. You can also open your e-letters via the Post app.

Do you want to reduce your "paperwork" and make a contribution to the environment? With Electronic Delivery you have the opportunity to do so. You can conveniently receive numerous items from the City of Innsbruck, such as bills, direct debits and notices, on a tablet, smartphone or PC - anytime, anywhere.

Advantages of electronic delivery

The electronic delivery of documents is an essential part of a modern, service-oriented administration. With electronic delivery, the identity of the recipient and the identity of the sending authority are clearly guaranteed. Transport and delivery take place via a secure connection. In order not to miss deadlines in case of absence, the delivery service can be notified of vacations, for example.

Unfortunately, normal e-mail delivery does not offer these possibilities and can therefore not be used for the transmission of important official information.