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Zeit - Raum - Innsbruck: Band 10

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Testimonies of Innsbruck's aviation history. The first day postmarks of the Karl Ploner Collection; The work of Diana Budisavljevi? during the Ustasha regime in Croatia (1941-45); From the club school to the music school of the city of Innsbruck; Political mountains: The relationship between alpinism and politics with special reference to the period of National Socialism; Emo Henrich (1922-2009). Life and work; Series: Innsbruck inns - they once stood ... Gasthof "Zum Speckbacher", Gasthaus Bierwastl.
AuthorsKarl Ploner, Tanja Chraust, Ursula Scheiber, Anna-Maria Gruenfelder, Thomas Zeiler, Günter Amor, Josefine Justic 
SeriesZeit - Raum - Innsbruck
Pages Count208 
Release Date2010