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Von Bauer & Schwarz zum Kaufhaus Tyrol

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in 1908, the Jewish families Bauer and Schwarz, who immigrated in the last Driquarter of the 19th century, build the first department store in Innsbruck's Maria-Theresien-Strasse, revolutionizing the consumer world in Tyrol. During the Nazi era, the families are expropriated and expelled from Tyrol, and numerous family members are murdered. The survivors receive a ridiculously small settlement payment after a 12-year trial. in 1966, a new era begins with the opening of Kaufhaus Tyrol, which is characterized by changing ownership. Economically successful years are followed by a steady decline, culminating in the closure of the department store. The modern shopping center that has now emerged after controversial processes is intended to strengthen trade in Innsbruck's city center as a Magnetbetrieb. Numerous life stories are illustrated by photographic material published for the first time. A photo essay documents demolition and new construction.
AuthorsHerausgegeben von Horst Schreiber
SeriesNeue Folge
Pages Count304
Release Date2010