Aircraft noise protection

If you exceed a certain noise limit, you can apply for a grant to replace windows or doors.

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What is subsidized?

Innsbruck Airport voluntarily subsidizes soundproof windows and soundproof ventilators for apartments where certain noise limits are exceeded by aircraft noise.

Whether your apartment or residential building is eligible for aircraft noise subsidies can be seen from the Adre ssenliste. For these properties, the value of the noise index Lden is above 55 dB.

Specifically subsidized are:

  • Replacement of existing window and door elements with soundproof window and door elements. The new elements must have an assessed sound insulation value of R'w ≥ 38dB.
  • Installation of sound-insulating ventilators

Conservatories, shutters, blinds, etc. are not subsidized.

How much is the subsidy?

  • Windows: 20 percent (for R'w ≥ 38 dB) or 25 percent (for R'w ≥ 41 dB) of the eligible costs of the new elements including dismantling, disposal and installation costs are subsidized. The subsidized costs do not include painting, decorating, wallpapering, cleaning work and installation of shutters, blinds, etc.
  • Sound-insulating ventilators: max. € 350 + VAT.

More details about the requirements and the amount of the subsidy can be found in the subsidy guidelines.

What requirements do I have to meet?

  • The subsidized building must be at least ten years old (the date of the legally valid building permit is decisive) and must be listed in the address list.
  • Subsidies are only granted for rooms that are used exclusively for residential purposes. Bathroom, WC and other ancillary rooms are not considered.
  • The subsidized object/apartment must be occupied by beneficiaries (main residence).
  • Applications must be submitted by means of a form no later than 18 months after completion of the project
  • As a rule, no subsidies are granted for accommodation establishments, catering establishments, other commercial establishments, offices, public institutions (hospitals, old people's homes, schools, kindergartens).

Application: How, where & when do I apply for funding?

You must submit the application no later than 18 months after completion of the project in Service Unit Housing subsidy. using the form (see Required documents).

What documents do I need for the application?

  • Application form "Aircraft Noise Protection Grant
  • Invoices and proof of payment (original or copy)
  • All permits required for the implementation of the measures
  • Test certificates on the sound insulation value of the planned installations
  • Grundrissplan of those residential units in which installation of noise protection elements is planned. The respective use of the rooms shall be indicated and the noise protection measures (windows and balcony doors) shall be marked.
  • Form F14 for more than drei apartments affected by the refurbishment