Here you can find all info about the submission and jury.

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What is the focus of stadt_potenziale?

You can find the content focus and general information about the funding pot under Idea & Concept.

Who is eligible to submit an idea?

Artists from all artistic disciplines, cultural mediators, and groups from the independent art and cultural scenes (regardless of legal form) are eligible to submit ideas.

Public cultural institutions, commercial cultural organizers, and party-political and religious organizations are excluded from participation.

What are the formal criteria?

  • The content of the project must be related to Innsbruck and must be justified in the application.
  • Realization of the project within two years after its selection.
  • Gender-sensitive approach to project conception and selection of project participants.

Not eligible for funding:

  1. Conventional events (e.g., loose series of concerts or readings with no contextual connection)
  2. Annual programs of cultural institutions
  3. Continuous structural measures (e.g. maintenance of event venues or technical equipment, etc.)
  4. Publications that are not part of a project (e.g. pure CD or catalog productions, websites without content-related project connection, etc.)
  5. Personalities and work shows without content-related reference to the topic of the call for proposals

How much funding is available?

stadt_potenziale innsbruck is endowed with a total of 70,000 euros. The goal is the implementation of the projects in the form submitted. The selected projects can be financed by stadt_potenziale inn sbruck.

Who is the jury?

An independent, annually changing and supra-regional jury of experts from drei decides in a publicly accessible jury session on the selection of projects and the amount of funding. The battlegroup for art nominates the jury members and ensures a gender balance and consideration of minorities.

The public jury session took place on September 14, 2023, starting at 10:00 a.m. and was audio livestreamed. We would like to point out fromdrÃthat during the jury session recordings are prohibited. Click here for the audio livestream

The participation of the submitters in the jury session would be appreciated. There is no possibility for the submitters to intervene.

How do I submit for stadt_potenziale?

Submissions are made exclusively in digital form as PDFs via the portal For a valid submission, registration by name and e-mail addressdresse is required. Follow the steps indicated and then upload the required documents.

The next submission period willstart in Q2 2023.

For technical questions regarding the portal, please contact Vemap's helpdesk.

What documents are required?

Only complete submission documents will be admitted to the jury session. The submission must include:

  1. Short description of the project (max. 1.500 characters)
  2. Detailed project description (max. 7 pages) including a short justification of the Innsbruck reference
  3. Art biographical information on the submitting groups or individuals
  4. Realistic cost and financing plan with indication of the desired amount of funding by stadt_potenziale innsbruck
  5. Time schedule of the project implementation
  6. Completed data sheet (available for completion on the portal for procurement and competitions )


Opening hours

Monday to Thursday:
8.00-12.00 and 14.00-16.00


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