Award for Research and Innovation at the MCI

The City of Innsbruck promotes research and innovation at the Management Center Innsbruck.

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Endowment: 5,000 euros

The City of Innsbruck awards the prize in recognition of research and innovation at Management Center Innsbruck (MCI). The prize is awarded in recognition of the work of young talents.

Who awards the prize?

City of Innsbruck

How do I apply?

The call for entries is issued by the MCI. Please address inquiries about submission criteria directly to the MCI.

Who can apply?

Eligible to apply are members of the research and teaching staff at the MCI who

  • either are under 35 years of age
  • or whose doctorate or habilitation was awarded no more than five years ago.

Who decides on the award?

The City Senate decides on the awarding of the prize(s) to the person(s) announced annually to the Innsbruck Municipality by the MCI Innsbruck. The award winners are selected by a jury consisting of experts appointed by the MCI. The Municipality of Innsbruck leaves it to the MCI Innsbruck to carry out the announcement and selection of the person(s) worthy of the award.

Previous award winners

YearAward winner

Mag.a Anita Onay, PhD: "Hierarchical Production Planning and Control from a Behavioral Operations Perspective Focusing on Lead Time Management"

Dr. Daniel Degischer: "Organizing for M&A Success: Acquisition Experience and its Contextual Dependencies"

Dr. Jan Back, MSc: "Rethinking Water Treatment: Membranes, Adsorption, Advanced Oxidation and Natural Attenuation"


Ass. Claudia Zoller and Lukas Kerschbaumer, BA MA: "MOVEEFFECT Life Coach"

Manuel Berger, BSc MSc PhD: "Simulation-based prediction of resection zones in rhinology"

2021 (FH) Teresa Spieß (university lecturer, Management, Communication & IT degree program): "An Interactional Perspective of Innovative Work Behavior - Analysis of the Situational Specificity of Broad and Narrow Personality Traits as Predictors"

Dr.-Martin Pillei, B.Sc., M.Sc (Senior Lecturer, Industrial Engineering and Management degree program): "Optimization of direct current cyclones with low solids loading"

2020 Leena Saurwein (Senior Lecturer, Department International Relations): "Elucidating the Dimensions of Communication and the Role of Culture in an Austrian Medical Setting"

Dr.rer.nat. Martin Spruck, MSc (University Lecturer, Environmental, Process & Energy Engineering degree program): "Development of a process combination for the elimination of trace substances in wastewater based on membrane filtration and adsorption on activated carbon"


Dipl.Ing. Dr. techn. habil. Lukas Möltner: "Renewable Fuels, Advanced Combustion and Emission Control - Approaches to Fulfill Prospective Demands on Internal Combustion Engines"

Dr. techn. Thomas Senfter: "Development of a suitable separator for the separation of impurities such as glass, sand and metal particles at wastewater treatment plants"

2018 PD MMag. habil . Anita Zehrer: "Entrepreneurship in tourism - Entrepreneurial behavior of service companies illustrated using the example of tourism"

FH-Prof. PD Dr. Thomas Stöckl: "Research work on the investigation of situations in which financial markets are characterized by the existence of asymmetric information distribution"

2017 Gabriela Leiß, MBA: "Successfully shaping the intergenerational succession process of family businesses"

Dr.techn. Michael Meister: "Integrating hydrodynamics and biokinetics in wastewater treatment modeling by using smoothed particle hydrodynamics"