Peterle helps

Your child needs help? Then he or she can turn to the "Peterle hilft" partners. Learn more about the initiative and the Peterle hilft festival.

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Under the motto "look instead of looking away", a network of solidarity was established for all children in the city of Innsbruck.

The story

Peterle lives in the city tower. From there he keeps a watchful eye on Innsbruck's children. Peterle has found friends among many Innsbruck merchants, institutions and organizations who support him. These can be recognized by a small sticker on the front door, which signals to the children of our city: "Here you will find people who will help you in word and deed!"

The initiative

In 2006, the city of Innsbruck launched the initiative "Peterle hilft" (Peterle helps). The goal is to bring Innsbruck's humanity and warmth to the outside world and to give children in Innsbruck a little more security.

The partners

Only with the support of numerous Innsbruck citizens, Innsbruck merchants and public institutions the initiative "Peterle hilft" becomes a success. Currently, there are about 300 partners who are there for the children. They quickly help with worries, small problems and needs. A comforting word, a quick phone call home or a drink of water - it's the small gestures that give children the security of a familiar environment. Wherever Peterle can be seen on entrance doors or shop windows, there are people who actively bring humanity and warmth into our everyday lives. In this way, a social network is stretched across the city, which Peterle makes recognizable at first glance.

The festival

Once a year Peterle invites all Innsbruck kindergarten and elementary school children to the big children's safety festival in and around the city tower. Peterle's friends from the police, the professional fire department, the Red Cross, the mountain rescue service and others impart safety tips in a way that is suitable for children. A puzzle rally leads up to the top of the city tower, while in the courtyard on the street, painting and game stations challenge creative minds.

With the 'Peterle hilft' festival, which has already become a beloved tradition, we can address children directly once a year together with experts and pass on valuable safety aspects with fun and games.


Opening hours

Monday to Thursday:
8.00-12.00 and 13.00-17.00