Budget & Closing

Find here info on the budgets (estimates), the financial statements and the Open Budget of the City of Innsbruck.

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A budget is prepared annually in Innsbruck. This current estimate contains all revenues and expenditures expected to be due in the fiscal year in question. This estimate forms the basis for the management of the municipal budget (see 4th section of the Innsbruck City Law).

The budget also establishes the service position plan of the Innsbruck city magistrate (Section 3 of the Innsbruck Municipal Officials Act and the Estimates and Accounts Ordinance).

Budget guidelines

(according to the Voranschlags- und Rechnungsabschlussverordnung, VRV):

  • Annuality
  • Completeness
  • Gross budgeting
  • Accuracy of the budgetary balance
  • Separation of the budgeting of expenditures by services for personnel and by non-personnel expenditures

4 steps to the budget

  1. The City Council prepares the budget.
  2. The mayor submits the budget to the municipal council for discussion through the finance committee by mid-November.
  3. Prior to consideration by the Municipal Council, the proposal is posted for general inspection for two weeks. This is publicly announced on the official notice board. Objections submitted in writing against the draft budget must be considered by the Municipal Council during its deliberations. However, there is no entitlement to a specific settlement of the objections.
  4. After the deliberations, the Municipal Council adopts the budget and decides on the collection of the levies provided for therein.

If you have any questions about the budget, please contact City Adminstrative Group MA IV - Financial, economic and investment management - Head of Department IV - Financial Directorate.

Open Budget

The Center for Public Administration Research (KDZ), in cooperation with Bank Austria, the Austrian Association of Cities and Towns and the Austrian Association of Municipalities, offers the "Open Budget" service.

At www.offenerhaushalt .at, the municipal finances of participating municipalities are clearly presented.

The following services are available:

  • Closing of accounts and budget in open file format
  • Visualization of the financial statements as of 2001 including data as a table
  • Visualization of the estimates from 2021 including data as a table (according to VRV 2015)
    • including the corresponding cross-sectional account (economic breakdown)
    • Detailed view with the development over five years on all levels
  • Visualization "Where does the tax euro go?" based on 1,000 EUR of paid taxes
  • publication of subsidy recipients from 2017 in the subsidy checker

Financial Statements of the City of Innsbruck

The financial statements consist, among other things, of the statement of income, the statement of financing and the statement of net assets.

4 Steps to the financial statement

according to §§ 71, 73 Innsbruck City Law

  1. The mayor prepares the draft of the statement of accounts.
  2. The draft of the statement of accounts shall be made publicly available for two weeks in the City Magistrate's Office.
  3. The draft of the statement of accounts shall be submitted to the municipal council for review and approval by 30 April at the latest.
  4. The Municipal Control Department and the Financial Control Committee of the Municipal Council shall examine the draft financial statement.
  5. The Municipal Council shall adopt the financial statement of the previous year by 31 October.

When drawing up the financial statements, the guidelines of the Voranschlags- und Rechnungsabschlussverordnung 2015, VRV 2015 must be observed.

If you have any questions about the billing statement, contact the City Department Accounting....

Last updated 01.10.2023