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Von Zerstörung und Wiederaufbau

The diary of Anna Mutschlechner from Innsbruck 1944â1951

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In her diary, Anna Mutschlechner offers adrucksvollen insight into the everyday life of an Innsbruck family, which is characterized by hunger and hardship, the lastingdrücken of the bombing raids and the beginning of normalization in the post-war period. Her descriptions, which, punctuated with anecdotes, present an often shocking but also entertaining history of Tyrol between 1944 and 1951, are representative of many of her contemporaries. Many locally, but also nationally known personalities find their way into the book, which also contains numerous previously unpublished illustrations. The immediacy of her descriptions provides the reader with a detailed mirror of that bygone era. Anna Mutschlechner, the author of the diaries, was born in Partenkirchen in 1871 and grew up in a well-off Munich family. She lived in Tyrol from the time she was married in 1906, initially in Kufstein, then in Innsbruck until her death in 1951. Her life, which was shaped by everyday life and the hardships of the time, is reflected in her diariesdringlich.
AuthorsHerausgegeben von Roland Sila
SeriesNeue Folge
Pages Count268
Release Date2003