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History of a Christian building and housing cooperative 1911-2011

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Housing is one of the basic human needs. But having a roof over your head is often a luxury, because even today there is still a great shortage of affordable housing, especially in the cities. This was no different in earlier times, not even in Innsbruck, where until the early years of the 20th century housing was, with a few exceptions, a private matter and there was hardly any affordable housing for lower-income sections of the population. On 11.11.1911, the "Allgemeiner Tiroler Anzeiger" published a detailed description of a project to address the housing shortage in Innsbruck, together with a call to found a non-profit building and housing cooperative. Four days later, this initiative gave rise to the non-profit building and housing cooperative "Christliches Volksheim" (today "Volksheim"), and thus began a 100-year success story that was shaped not least by courageous cooperative officials. Helmut Alexander summarizes the history of the "Volksheim" in a compact and exciting way, embedding it in the eventful course of time and illustrating it with impressivedrucking images.
AuthorsHelmut Alexander 
SeriesNeue Folge
Pages Count104
Release Date2011