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Cash replacement in Innsbruck and other Tyrolean municipalities

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Because the enormous demand for metal in the war industry during the First World War resulted in an extreme shortage of coins in Austria (as well as in the German Reich), all public bodies, industrial associations, companies etc. were officially authorized to issue money substitutes at the end of 1918. Numerous Tyrolean municipalities then had emergency money druprinted and put into circulation, although this did not always function as a means of payment, but also served propaganda and advertising purposes and, last but not least, gained importance as a collector's item. After an introductory historical overview of the history and use of emergency money, this book presents the emergency money bills issued in Tyrol after the First World War, examines their historical context and looks in detail at their design in order to decipher the messages they convey. In November 1920, the state financial administration ordered the discontinuation of emergency money. In her summary, the author also examines the extent to which the emergency money was able to fulfill its purpose as a means of replacing money and what significance it had as a collector's item.
AuthorsSieglinde Lechner 
SeriesNeue Folge
Pages Count224 
Release Date2012