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Innsbrucker Tourismusgeschichte

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Tourism in Innsbruck has developed rapidly since the construction of the railroad in Tyrol in the middle of the 19th century: From the expansion of the local and small railroads around Innsbruck and the construction of ski lifts to the founding of beautification associations and the first mergers to form provincial associations to today's tourism associations as public corporations. The foundations for modern tourism in Tyrol were laid during the occupation after the Second World War. Early on, efforts were made to develop the winter season as a second pillar of tourism. With the recession phase in the 1970s, the focus was increasingly on congress tourism. In this book, the author traces the various development phases of tourism in Tyrol. With a large number of contemporary voices from various regional newspapers, trade journals and business reports as well as diagrams on the development of overnight stays, he creates a vivid picture of Tyrolean tourism history.
AuthorsBenjamin Türkis 
SeriesNeue Folge
Pages Count212
Release Date2010