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Höhenflüge und Abgründe

Time - Space - Innsbruck: Volume 16

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The contributions of the 16th volume of the series of publications of the Innsbruck City Archives

Hansjörg Rabanser: "In deepest gratitude we commemorate..." - The Gutenberg Celebration 1900 in Innsbruck

Tanja Chraust: Raoul Stoisavljevic - Pioneer of Innsbruck Aviation

Matthias Egger: "The state of health of our camp left much to be desired." - An analysis of the death list of the Krasnoyarsk POW camp 1914-1919

Stefan Dietrich: Fatal Encounter with Hitler? The Tragedy of Dr. Rudolf Priester - on the Traces of a Rumor that Moved Innsbruck(e)

Sabine Pitscheider: The construction of the Patscherkofelbahn 1927/28 - a financial scandal

Günter Amor: The Goethe Trail. A ridge walk on the Innsbrucker Nordkette in the change of the time - A documentation

Anton Tantner: Michael Hermann Ambros and the Innsbrucker Fragamt. A Miscellany on the History of Seeking and Finding in Tyrol

Lukas Morscher: "G'waltwolferl" - The case of Wolfgang Fischbacher

Hanna Fritz: "Innsbruck inns - they once stood ..." Gasthof schöne Aussicht (Stettnerhof)

AuthorsHansjörg Rabanser, Tanja Chraust, Matthias Egger, Stefan Dietrich, Sabine Pitscheider, Günter Amor, Anton Tantner, Lukas Morscher, Hanna Fritz
SeriesZeit - Raum - Innsbruck
Pages Count240
Release Date2023