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Zeit - Raum - Innsbruck: Band 15

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The contributions of the 15th volume of the series of publications of the Innsbruck City Archives:

Hansjörg Rabanser: Maximilian I. and the "old Heydnische bildtnuß Herculis Alemanici" - a supplement to the statue of the castle giant in Innsbruck

Stefan Stachniß: The undesirable poor. On the treatment of beggars, idlers and vagrants in Innsbruck and the princely county of Tyrol 1603 to 1767
Martin J. Kriechbaum and Josef Schönegger: A terminus station for Innsbruck - Alois Negrelli's unrealized railroad project
Sabine Pitscheider: The "shameful right to vote" - local council elections in Innsbruck 1900 to 1914
Lukas Arnold: The Pius Association for the Promotion of the Catholic Press in Tyrol from 1906 to 1914
Hanna Fritz: The music band Hötting in the political tensions of the early 1930s
Tanja Chraust: Innsbruck's air traffic from the Anschluss to the first fatal plane crash in the city (May 29, 1938)
Stefan Dietrich: How "Hitler's cook" caused media straw fires to flare up
Stefan Hörl: Skatin' Innsbruck. A transnational history of skateboarding
Georg Ott: Innsbruck and its Rudolf-Greinz-Street
Günter Amor: The Alpine Society "Glockenhofer" - a documentation
Matthias Egger: "Innsbruck restaurants - they once stood ..." Café-Restaurant/Hotel-Pension Zur Linde
AuthorsStefan Stachniß,Martin J. Kriechbaum, Josef Schönegger, Sabine Pitscheider, Lukas Arnold, Hanna Fritz, Tanja Chraust, Stefan Dietrich, Stefan Hörl, Georg Ott, Günter Amor, Matthias Egger 
SeriesZeit - Raum - Innsbruck
Pages Count216
Release Date2018