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Zeit - Raum - Innsbruck: Band 14

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The castle giant Niclas Haidl (ca. 2.23 meters), the castle giant house and the giant statue; SRD-69D2 Notes on the prehistory and early history of the Innsbruck rescue service up to the establishment of the general public rescue service in 1907; The first Innsbruck motorcycle grass track race (October 2, 1932); "Daß Politik durch den Magen geht, spürt niemand so wie ich". About the short, extraordinary life of the young Innsbruck woman who cooked Hitler's diet meals in the "Führerbunker"; Ao. Univ.-Prof. Dr. Franz-Heinz Hye-Kerkdal. A reminiscence; Series: "Innsbruck restaurants - they once stood ..." The Fechtlwirt
AuthorsHansjörg Rabanser, Ernst Pavelka, Tanja Chraust, Stefan Dietrich, Josefine Justic, Lukas Morscher 
SeriesZeit - Raum - Innsbruck
Pages Count156 
Release Date2017