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Von Innsbruck nach Israel

The life of Erich Weinreb/Abraham Gafni

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"Take a good look at Innsbruck, who knows if you will see it again." With these words, Amalie Turteltaub invites her grandchildren from their forced departure to Vienna to take one last look at their hometown.

Erich and Poldi save themselves to Palestine, the grandparents, little sister Gitta, stepfather Salo and numerous other relatives perish in the death camps of National Socialism.

Abraham Gafni, formerly Erich Weinreb, takes stock of his eventful life: He tells of growing up in Innsbruck in the 1930s, of his flight to freedom, his commitment to building the state of Israel, of continuing to live in the shadow of the Holocaust, and of his present-day relationship with Innsbruck and the Tyrol.
AuthorsHorst Schreiber/Irmgard Bibermann 
SeriesNeue Folge
Pages Count256
Release Date2014