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Treffpunkt Taverne Goldener Bär

The varied history of the Kammerhof in Hötting

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A building steeped in history in the middle of Innsbruck
Only the barrel vault in the cellar and a few relics remind us of the storied past of the property at Schneeburggasse 29-31 in Innsbruck's Hötting district. How early the history of this building already begins is shown by a wall painting, the centerpiece of which is a golden bear, dated as early as 1459.

From the Middle Ages to the present day - a long story that needs to be told
Where the Innsbruck Art and Auction House is located on the first floor today, the chamberlains of Hötting had their administrative headquarters in the Middle Ages, Archduke Maximilian later decided on the future of the inn, and the Lords of Firmian resided. It was here, in the Goldener Bär inn, that the so-called Höttinger Saalschlacht took place centuries later, and in more recent years theater and jazz were played.
AuthorsAndreas Rauchegger und Ingo Schönpflug 
SeriesNeue Folge
Pages Count120
Release Date2017