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Restitution von Würde

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Systematic human rights violations against children and adolescents were on the agenda in homes run by the state, the provinces and Catholic orders throughout Austria until more recent times. As a member of the victim protection commission of the city of Innsbruck, Horst Schreiber documents and analyzes for the first time the municipal homes, but also the conditions of external placement in the infant and toddler homes Arzl and Axams, in foster families and state institutions.

He shows the causes of institutionalization, which were often based on poverty, and describes the social background of the institutionalized children and their families. He devotes special attention to the educational staff, the working conditions, which were devastating for a long time, and the question of how the violent actions of so many can be explained.

The victims themselves also have their say: they tell of growing up on the sidelines of society, their daily struggle against assaults of all kinds, and the survival of violence in their bodies.
AuthorsHorst Schreiber, mit einem Beitrag von Ulrike Paul
SeriesNeue Folge
Pages Count319
Release Date2015