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Analyses of their significance in the Baroque era

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The book deals with miracle reports in the city parish church of St. Jacob in the age of confessionalization. Alone the fact that the archives of the present cathedral parish (episcopal seat since 1964) currently still contain a considerable collection of 30 volumes, each containing 100 miracle reports (so-called "centuries"), which unfortunately are no longer completely preserved, shows their great importance. What is perhaps unique about these reports is that they were for the most part written by the pilgrims themselves, and all the reports, written in first person, were bound in unaltered form. This makes it possible to go beyond purely statistical surveys and shed light on the individual fates of pilgrims in the context of cultural history. The present transcription/editing as well as research of these reports thus brings to light findings that are of considerable value for the context of urban, local and church history and provide an insight into the everyday culture of the time.
AuthorsAurelia Benedikt 
SeriesNeue Folge
Pages Count648 
Release Date2021