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"Mehr als Brot!"

The History of the First Tyrolean Workers' Bakery (ETAB)

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The exciting story of the rise and fall of a cooperative enterprise.

Karl Eller and Michael Svehla trace a fascinating chapter in Innsbruck's bakery and bread history - the rise and fall of the Erste Tiroler Arbeiterbäckerei (ETAB). Emerging from the workers' movement, it quickly grew into the largest bread factory in the Alpine region. In its heyday, it supplied its baked goods to almost all parts of northern Tyrol. In fact, its eventful history was about "more than bread". The ideals and goals of the workers' movement shaped the company for a long time, as did the wars, crises and political upheavals of the 20th century. Shortly before its 100th anniversary, the doors of the ETAB closed forever in 1999. Based on original sources, numerous interviews with former ETAB employees and countless previously unpublished photographs, the two authors trace the history of this extraordinary Tyrolean company for the first time.
AuthorsKarl Eller, Michael Svehla 
SeriesNeue Folge
Pages Count176 
Release Date2019