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Todreas Hofer and Innsbruck City Politics in 1809

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Until now, only records from more or less well-informed contemporaries were available on the relationship between Andreas Hofer's "government" and the Innsbruck citymagistrate in 1809. A remarkable source find now makes it possible for the first time to shed light on the relationship of the supreme commander to the Innsbruck city hall on the basis of official letters. The correspondence, in places quite harsh in tone, not only enriches Innsbruck's city history with new facets, but also the image of the Sandwirt, who could sometimes burst his collar, as the book title shows.
The focus is on the edition of the discovered correspondences, all of which are also reproduced in facsimile. Introductions to the history of events and the communication history of Hofer's "peasant regiment" in the late summer and fall of 1809 round off the volume.
AuthorsMatthias Egger; Andreas Oberhofer 
SeriesNeue Folge
Pages Count250 
Release Date2022