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Innsbrucker Wirtschaftsgeschichte

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In the course of its eventful history, the city of Innsbruck has experienced numerous exciting periods of upswing and downswing, innovation as well as standstill. Today, Austria's fifth largest city presents itself as a thriving center of trade, tourism, research and administration in the heart of the Alps. In this study, Philipp Strobl presents for the first time a general overview of Innsbruck's economic development from the founding of the city to the present: He sheds light on phases of decline and economic heyday and explores the question of why some economic sectors were able to develop particularly well at certain times, while others did not. Numerous graphics and tables based on company and employment figures illustrate long-term developments; historical illustrations and current photographs show the changes and the current face of Innsbruck as an economic location, beyond statistical key figures.
AuthorsPhilipp Strobl 
SeriesNeue Folge
Pages Count298
Release Date2013