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Gewagte Mission

The Missionary Aid Mission of Young People from the Marian Congregation (MK) Innsbruck in Rhodesia

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More than 40 young men stayed at stations of the Sinoia Mission in what is now Zimbabwe between 1964 and 1976 as part of a Tyrolean mission aid program - a program initiated by Sigmund Kripp, then a Jesuit priest and director of the Youth Center of the Marian Congregation/Middle School Congregation (MK) in Innsbruck. The trip to the northeast of what was then Rhodesia was a journey into another world and presented the young missionary workers with many challenges: They had to locate themselves in the social fabric there, perform hard physical labor, and brave illness and fears. In addition, life in Rhodesia was characterized by racist politics and the War of Independence was gaining momentum during those years.
The publication by Andrea Sommerauer is the first systematic and comprehensive account of the missionary aid work of the Innsbruck MK in Rhodesia around 1970, for which about 20 people were interviewed about their assignments. The personal inner views and - often critical - accounts of the mission aid workers are embedded in the history of the Sinoia mission and the dramatical changes in Rhodesia.
AuthorsAndrea Sommerauer 
SeriesNeue Folge
Pages Count176
Release Date2019