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Feldpiloten, Beobachteroffiziere und Ballonfahrer bis Ende 1916

Airmen from Tyrol and Vorarlberg in the k.u.k. Aviation troops: Volume 2

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The little-known history of the k. u. k. Aviation troops, told in 50 biographies.

The visual memory of the First World War includes cannons, positions in the high mountains and soldiers fighting against masses of snow and avalanches. The fact that this mountain world on the Tyrolean front was also the backdrop for a fierce air war is far less well known. Not only was Tyrol a theater of this air war, but soldiers from North and South Tyrol, Trentino and Vorarlberg were deployed as members of the Austro-Hungarian air force in various theaters of war as pilots, observer officers and ground personnel. The majority of these people - including numerous pioneers of aviation - are still completely unknown.

The war year 1916, which Volume 2 of this four-volume collective biographical work covers, was of particular significance for the air war in western and southern Austria. At the beginning of 1916, Tyrol increasingly became a target and operational area for enemy aviation activities. The air war was thus not only felt by the Tyroleans and Vorarlbergers who were deployed in the air forces, but also by the civilian population in the border region. In addition to introductory articles and a chronicle of the air war events of 1916, Volume 2 includes numerous short biographies of pilots, observation officers and balloonists in the service of the Imperial and Royal Air Force. Aviation troops.

AuthorsThomas Albrich, Nikolaus Hagen, Stefan Stachniß
SeriesFlieger aus Tirol und Vorarlberg in den k.u.k. Luftfahrtruppen
VolumeBand 2
Pages Count164
Release Date2024
PublisherUniversitätsverlag Wagner