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War and everyday life in Tyrol 1945

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Horst Schreiber creates a new, extremely multifaceted picture of the final period of National Socialist rule in Tyrol. The author describes the appeal and horror of war, suffering and grief on the home front, as well as the end of the war in the districts and the liberation of Innsbruck. When the myth of Hitler had faded, the regime ruled only with terror against its own population. The book examines the locals' view of the U.S. and French occupiers, of Tyrolean women with intimate relations to the foreign liberators, of refugees and displaced persons who were accused of what they themselves did: looting. Horst Schreiber reveals the experiences of countless people. They show how differently persecuted and liberated, perpetrators and participants, soldiers and prisoners of war, women and children experienced the end of National Socialism and the period after the war.
AuthorsHorst Schreiber 
SeriesNeue Folge
Pages Count588
Release Date2019
PublisherMichael Wagner Verlag