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Der Architekt Wilhelm Stigler sen. 1903-1976

Volume 2

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Wilhelm Stigler senior (1903-1976) was one of the most important architects of the 20th century in Tyrol, along with Lois Welzenbacher, Clemens Holzmeister or Franz Baumann. His work reveals an engagement with the international currents of modern architecture as well as with the regional domestic building tradition.

The basis of the catalog raisonné is the scientific processing of one of the most important and extensive Tyrolean architectural estates of the Archiv für Baukunst with over 990 projects. This estate contains the entire, almost complete, architectural œuvre of Willi Stigler Sr. in the form of plans, drawings, sketches, photographs and a few written documents. All executed buildings, projects, competition entries, interior designs and furniture were included in the catalog raisonné. While the period 1938-1976 is only available in the form of brief lists of works by the Stigler office, the period 1922-1938 was elaborated as an annotated catalog raisonné. The 327 projects of the interwar period form the focus of the treatment and are presented with one illustration and one text contribution each. The description refers to the planning process, to the client, if applicable to the construction and the building history and is supplemented by references to literature or sources, such as the signatures from the building files of the City Archives of Innsbruck and other archives. With its detailed and accurate scholarly commentaries and interpretations, this catalog raisonné brings Willi Stigler's works to the fore.
AuthorsJuliane Mayer 
SeriesNeue Folge
Pages Count224
Release Date2018