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Carl Gsaller (1851-1931)

A pioneer of alpinism

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The name Carl Gsaller is closely linked to the early history of Tyrolean alpinism. Gsaller was considered one of the best rock climbers of his time and was also a pioneer of tourism through his numerous publications. His lifetime (1851-1931) fell in the heyday of the development of the mountain world, the founding of the Alpine clubs and Alpine societies, the construction of numerous refuges and climbs in the mountains. However, the time when climbers sought the most difficult routes to summits and walls was still some distance away. Gsaller helped initiate this development towards higher levels of difficulty through his own explorations. Günter Amor (born 1939) became aware of Carl Gsaller in the course of his research for the meanwhile published works "Die Bettelwurfhütte im Karwendel" (2007) and "Bergsteigergesellschaft Wilde Bande" (2010). The numerous clues that emerged in this context gradually added up to a picture and suggested to deal fundamentally with this great and almost forgotten developer of the local mountain world.
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