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A piece of Innsbruck

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The "Bocksiedlung" in Innsbruck's Reichenau district was built in the mid-1930s at the time of the economic crisis. Many became unemployed and could no longer afford their homes. A small group of people settled on the then largely undeveloped eastern outskirts of Innsbruck. The "Bocksiedlung" was not the only settlement of its kind, but it was the most legendary in this country. Its inhabitants were said to have had unconventional manners and lifestyles, and in some cases the law of the fist applied. Above all, however, there was a certain kind of joie de vivre that money could not buy. Neighborly help, cohesion and mutual support are often mentioned. And according to contemporary witnesses, life was characterized by a high degree of self-determination, which was only limited by the settlement's own rules.
AuthorsMelanie Hollaus, Heidi Schleich 
SeriesNeue Folge
Pages Count184
Release Date2017