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Als in Innsbruck die Sirenen heulten

Air raids 1943-1945

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In the years 1943-1945 Innsbruck experienced numerous air raids, hundreds of people were killed or injured at that time. In his richly illustrated book, Michael Svehla outlines the course of the attacks, he describes the extent of the destruction and defense measures and the immediate measures for the bombed-out population. The author thus provides a lively insight into everyday life between drothe attack, the air raid alert and the bomb shelter, which is supplemented by reports from contemporary witnesses. In addition, Michael Svehla describes the reconstruction activities and their effects on urban development and the cityscape. Pictures from the time before the war, photographs of the bomb damage and contemporary photos of today's sites of the destruction at that time are juxtaposed. This photo documentation vividly shows how much the bombing raids changed the face of Innsbruck.
AuthorsMichael Svehla 
SeriesNeue Folge
Pages Count248
Release Date2018