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Zeit - Raum - Innsbruck: Band 2

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Spaces for a Temporary Nothingness. Visions of new urban developments; "Living history of the Reichenau"; The "Innsbruck Ballaffaire" and King Sigismund's stay in Tyrol; Academic anti-Semitism 1859-1918. With special reference to the Innsbruck student fraternities (Andreas Bösche); Origin and intention of the Italian military cemetery in Innsbruck 1915-1921. Max Weiler's frescoes at Innsbruck's main railway station; Carnival: Innsbruck under the sign of the Fool's Moon. Also a contribution on Innsbruck carnival newspapers; A city museum for Innsbruck - on the concept; The Hochenegg Collection. On the acquisition of the Hochenegg library collections by the Innsbruck City Archives. Inventory. Series: "Innsbruck Inns - they once stood ...": Café Greif; Gasthaus Goldener Winkel (Josefine Justic).
AuthorsStephan Sorko, Ingrid Tschugg, Klaus Brandstätter, Andreas Bösche, Gerald Steinacher, Günther Dankl, Gertraud König, Margot Rauch, Roland Kubanda, Josefine Justic 
SeriesZeit - Raum - Innsbruck
Pages Count174 
Release Date2002