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Vom Wirtshaus zum Grand-Hotel

A walk to Innsbruck's historic restaurants

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Since its foundation in the 12th century, the city of Innsbruck has had a remarkable tradition in the hospitality and hotel industry, which is due in particular to Innsbruck's geographical location on two central traffic routes through the Alps: The connecting routes between east and west and between north and south cross in Innsbruck, making the city a "traffic hub" that was and is passed by a large number of transients every year. The hospitality and accommodation of these "tourists" therefore played a central role in the economy of the city of Innsbruck from the early Middle Ages to the present day. Peter Walder-Gottsbacher documents this rich gastronomic tradition of Innsbruck on the basis of extensive research in public and private archives. His comprehensive introduction to the subject and informative contributions on well over 150 individual hospitality establishments not only provide important historical facts, but also give a vivid and exciting account of the life, atmosphere and culture of Innsbruck's inns, hotels, restaurants and cafés over the past centuries. With nearly 200 lavishly reproduced historical postcards and photographs, most of which are still unpublished, and printed in four colors throughoutdru, the author illustrates the historical face of the city of Innsbruck and allows readers a lively insight into the tradition of Innsbruck's inn culture. "From Inn to Grand Hotel" thus represents an important and well-founded contribution to the history of tourism in the Tyrol and its provincial capital and traces the country's tradition as a travel and tourism region going back to the Middle Ages; on the other hand, the work is also a fascinating illustrated book that allows interesting and often surprising glimpses of Innsbruck's historical face.
AuthorsPeter Walder-Gottsbacher 
SeriesNeue Folge
Pages Count270
Release Date2002