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Sport in Innsbruck bis 1960

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Innsbruck offers athletes countless opportunities to be active in summer and winter. This illustrated book presents sports activities of the people of Innsbruck from the mid-19th century until about 1960, before the Winter Olympics. Many remember the swimming pools of their youth, such as the old swimming pool in the Höttigner Au, their first mountain and ski tours, the ice skating rink near the exhibition hall or skijoring in the Kranebitter Allee. Anneliese Gidl, Lukas Morscher and Gertraud Zeindl document not only the sporting diversity but also the equipment of the athletes, which is difficult to imagine today, pleasures no longer known, such as folding boating on the Inn, and pioneering achievements, such as the first glider flight from the Seegrube in 1940. Thanks to the more than 200 hitherto largely unpublished historical photographs from the Innsbruck city archive and the competent texts, this public photo album is a must for every sports enthusiast in Tyrol.
AuthorsAnneliese Gidl, Lukas Morscher, Gertraud Zeindl 
SeriesNeue Folge
Pages Count128
Release Date2005