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People and images

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A city is a place for people. This is especially true for a city with such an eventful history as Innsbruck. Not the Golden Roof and the view of the tourists, but the often difficult daily life of the people are the subject of this book. Squares, markets, houses and events are to show in about 200 almost entirely unpublished pictures, how - from today's point of view - difficult life was just a few decades ago. The team of the Innsbruck City Archive has chosen a small selection from its in-house photographic treasures to illuminate this hitherto little-noticed view of the people of the city. The pictures show historical Innsbruck and its later added districts in the period from 1870 to 1955. It covers the beginning of tourism through the newly built railroad, the transformation of the surrounding villages into parts of the city, the political turmoil of the interwar period as well as the Second World War and finally the reconstruction.
AuthorsJosefine Justic, Roland Kubanda, Lukas Morscher 
SeriesNeue Folge
Pages Count128
Release Date2002