Social plan 2030

Find out more about Innsbruck's current social landscape, measures for improvement and innovative ideas.

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What is the Social Plan 2030?

The Social Plan 2030 shows the current social landscape in Innsbruck and presents suggestions for improvements as well as new ideas. To this end, numerous social associations, experts, users and members of the authorities were surveyed anonymously. The data collected was analyzed, those affected were involved and recommendations were drawn up.

The Social Plan 2030 is now the basis for future decisions in Innsbruck's social policy. Here you can find the results of the Social Plan 2030:

What social contact points are there?

The digital social route map was created as part of the Social Plan 2030. It is a guide for people who have to overcome a wide range of difficulties and are looking for ways out of their personal crises.

Sorted according to specific subject areas, the social route map shows you where you can get advice and support.dreYou will also find contact information, addresses and opening hours of the respective facilities and references to important documents.


Opening hours

Monday to Thursday:
7.30-12.00 and 13.00-16.00