Traffic and security fines – Service Unit

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Responsible for:

  • Tyrolean Youth Act
  • Road traffic regulations concerning stationary traffic and non-traffic road uses
  • Tyrolean parking levy law(paid short-term parking zones / parking streets)
  • Tyrolean road law
  • Provincial Police Act, unless this is the responsibility of the Magistratsabteilung V, Veterinärwesen, or the Provincial Police is responsible
  • Tyrolean Events Act
  • Tyrolean Field Protection Act, unless the Magistratsabteilung III, Land- und Forstwirtschaft, is entrusted with it
  • Registration Act
  • Price Labelling Act, unless the Magistratsabteilung V, Lebensmitteaufsicht, Marktwesen, is entrusted with it
  • Railroad Act
  • AIDS Act
  • Container Safety Act
  • Air Pollution Control Act (IG-L)
  • Federal Road Toll Act
  • Pyrotechnics Storage Ordinance
  • Tobacco Act
  • Tyrolean Camping Act except for plant-related procedures
  • COVID-19 measures act
  • Epidemic Law
  • Various local police ordinances (e.g. alcohol ordinance, noise abatement ordinance, parking regulations, etc.)