A distinction must be made between public highways and private roads.
Public highways are roads that are made available for use by the general public by the controlling authority (normally the local or regional authority). No one may be excluded from the use of a public road by traffic, and public use is available to all under that same conditions. Apart from those imposed by traffic regulations, other restrictions of use may apply, as in the case of a cycle path, which is only designed for bicycle traffic and is therefore narrower than a road. The use of a public highway for private purposes, e.g. construction of an access point (ramp) or a telephone booth, is only permitted with the written consent of the highways authority (in Innsbruck, the local authority for municipal roads and the regional authority for state roads, both represented by the Innsbruck Public Works Department).
In the case of private roads, the owner or the owner’s agent decides who may use them. Where a private road is open for unrestricted use by pedestrians at least, it is treated as a highway with public traffic because it can be used by all (e.g. pedestrians) under the same conditions. In such cases the provisions of the Austrian Road Traffic Act apply (StVO).
The law relating to highways and their use is enshrined in the Tyrolean Highways Act and the Austrian Road Traffic Act.
The law relating to the use of waterways is enshrined in the Water Law Act.
These laws can be found in the Legal Information System.



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