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Stadt Innsbruck Magistratsabteilung-I,
IT und Kommunikationstechnik
Maria-Theresien-Straße 18
A-6010 Innsbruck
postmaster@innsbruck.gv.at (technical enquiries only)

Rules for incoming e-mails

  • Document formats:
    E-mails which do not comply with the format requirements will not be delivered. The sender will receive an automatically generated message to the effect that the e-mail could not be delivered. In such cases, you should resend the mail in a valid file format.
  • Size limit:
    E-mails that are bigger than 15 MB (with attachments) will not be delivered.
  • Number of recipients:
    E-mails addressed to more than 50 recipients will not be delivered.
  • Encryption:
    For security reasons, encrypted e-mails are not accepted (including all encrypted or password-protected attachments or other components).
  • Viruses and malware:
    E-mails which are found to contain viruses by the anti-virus system in operation at the City Council offices will not be accepted and will be deleted without notification to the sender.
  • Spam:
    A two-stage spam-prevention system is in operation:
    • All e-mails with a source address listed on spamhaus.org are viewed as potential spam and are not accepted. A corresponding fault message is sent to the sender.
    • All other e-mails classified as spam are placed in quarantine and either deleted or delivered following scrutiny by the recipient.
  • Legally effective delivery:
    Legally effective delivery pursuant to Art. 13 General Administration Act (AVG) requires the use of the correspondingly designated forms from the website of the Innsbruck municipal authority (http://www.innsbruck.gv.at).
  • E-mail addresses of the organisational units:
    For communications with the various City Council offices and services, please use the correct e-mail address as listed on the City Council website (http://www.innsbruck.gv.at/) or shown on incoming mail signatures. This ensures that your communication is processed independently of the availability of any one desk officer.

Rules for outgoing e-mails

  • Digital signature, official signature:
    No outgoing e-mails from the CIty Council offices currently bear a digital or official signature, but attachments may include an official signature.



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Informationstechnologie und Kommunikationstechnik

Maria-Theresien-Straße 18
5. Stock
Tel.: +43 512 5360 5211
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Mo-Fr 7.30-12.00 Uhr und nach Terminvereinbarung

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