In addition to its longer-term financial planning activities, the Municipality of Innsbruck must draw up an annual budget (current draft budget) (de) in accordance with the provisions of Section 4 (Budget and Finance) of the 1975 Innsbruck Municipal Law. The budget must include all predictable revenues and expenditures for the financial year.
In the context of the draft budget, a staffing plan for the Innsbruck local authority has to be drawn up pursuant to Art. 3 of the 1970 Innsbruck Local Civil Servants Act and the 1997 Budgeting and Accounts Regulation.
The draft budget is drawn up in accordance with the provisions of the 1997 Budgeting and Accounts Regulation (VRV), Austrian Civil Code no. 787/1996, which defines the form and structure of draft budgets for regional and local authorities. The Regulation specifies the principles of annuality, completeness, gross accounting, balanced budgets, and separation between expenditures for personnel and non-personnel costs.
The draft budget is prepared in the council offices and submitted by the Mayor to the Finance Committee for forwarding to the City Council by the middle of November.
The draft budget must also be made available for public inspection for a two-week period prior to the debate in the City Council, and the inspection period is announced on the municipal notice board. Any written objections to the draft budget must be considered by the City Council in the course of the debate, but there is no legal entitlement to any specific treatment of objections.
On conclusion of the debate, the City Council approves the budget and the taxes, levies and charges provided for. 




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