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The Audit Department was founded in 1931. It is a special unit insofar as it is the only autonomous department at the City Council Office. The Audit Department is responsible for monitoring the economical, efficient and effective use of public funds in keeping with the relevant regulations, and the accuracy and correctness of the accounting.

In addition to the transactions of the municipal authority, the Audit Department’s mandate also covers enterprises owned by the municipal authority in whole or in part. The total financial volume subject to municipal audits amounts to about 2.9 billion euros per year.

The team at the Audit Department is committed to performing its tasks objectively and in the interest of the citizens. Dr. Hans Fankhauser has been head of the Audit Department since 1 July 2011.

The Audit Department is required to summarise the results of every audit in a report for submission to the Audit Committee, the Mayor, the appropriate member of the Senate, the Chief Executive and the unit or enterprise audited. In accordance with the City Council resolution of 14 July 1994, the reports must also be forwarded to the chairpersons of the political groupings represented on the City Council.

In its reports, the Audit Department can make proposals for reducing or avoiding expenditures, for generating or increasing revenues, for rectifying shortcomings and for the more effective organisation of administrative processes.


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