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The Golden Roof – A balcony for Emperor Maximilian I

More than any other Habsburg ruler, Maximilian I has remained rooted in the memory of the people of theTyrol. With the construction of the Goldenes Dachl or Golden Roof, he created a masterpiece of art and architecture that has become Innsbruck’s world-famous landmark. Around 1500 Maximilian I had the Golden Roof added to the southern façade of the Neuer Hof (Neuhof), which was built starting in 1420. The location was chosen to impress. Niklas Türing the Elder is considered the master builder of the alcove balcony, he is also credited with the creation of the reliefs. The mural paintings are attributed to Jörg Kölderer.

A highlight aloft – The oriel reliefs
A centerpiece of the Golden Roof is the cycle of eighteen sandstone reliefs around the oriel, accredited to Niklas Türing the Elder and his atelier. The artistically carved stone reliefs show the stylistic transition between late Gothic and early Renaissance. They are regarded as one of the most important art treasures in Tyrol due to their style and motifs. In 1952 the fragile originals were removed and replaced by copies to protect them against damage. Six of the originals can be admired in the The Golden Roof Museum.

Golden Roof Museum: Striking insights into history – Rare view of

Innsbruck’s Old Town

For over 500 years the fire-gilded shingles of the world famous Golden Roof have been welcoming visitors to Innsbruck. The Golden Roof Museum offers a new perspective on the city’s most frequently photographed sight. Enjoy the view of the Old Town from the fine historical balcony. Enter a world at a time of transition from the Middle Ages to the modern period and discover one of the most importantfigures in the history of the Tyrol: Emperor Maximilian I.

Boring museum? No way!

Media-minded emperor, patron of the arts, political and dynastic genius and the “Last Knight”: Emperor Maximilian I is a multi-faceted figure. Born in a period of change and new discoveries, he turned his family into a dynasty with global power. Centuries-old exhibits and multimedia technology offer an exciting and varied view of the world of Emperor Maximilian I. For younger visitors, the museum makes history fun: with kids’ stations and a quiz trail.

The “What Remains?” exhibition

The exhibition takes a look at the traces that Maximilian I has left for us to discover today, including buildings that remind us of Maximilian’s times and also the question of how the Golden Roof became the hallmark of Innsbruck.


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